Refunds, Returns & Exchange Policy

Custom/Ready To Ship Embroidered Items

Because all embroidery on garments or home decoration items is custom ordered there are no refunds, returns or exchanges. If an order is cancelled by you part way through the process, then all monies paid are forfeited. Jackets provided by the client for embroidery will be shipped back to the customer at their cost.

We are not responsible for damaged items due to shipping which is beyond our control. We highly recommend adding shipping insurance to your purchase.

Digital Files from the Magpie Designs Website

Magpie Designs offers a downloadable product in the form of digital machine embroidery design files that are immediately available upon receipt of payment in full. Due to the unique nature of such "virtual" products, no refunds or exchanges can or will be issued.

Magpie Designs file designs are digitized using world-leading Wilcom® Embroidery Studio Designing e4.5 software technology. We test-stitch every design on Melco® multi-needle and Janome® single-needle machines.

It is your responsibility to carefully review the sizing of your selected pattern designs to ensure compatibility with your embroidery machine, hoops and materials available before ordering. While many different types and weights of fabrics or other materials including stabilizers can often be used with successful results depending on their application, Magpie Designs is not responsible for unsatisfactory end results . This is a particularly important consideration for you when selecting overly-thin or heavier gauge leathers, vinyl, canvas, etc. Accordingly, we strongly recommend that you also start with a test stitch-out using the same type of material, stabilizer, needles and threads you intend to
use on the final product. These test results will greatly assist you in determining if further adjustments can be made through your machine software, changes in stabilizer, etc are needed.

Magpie Designs is not responsible for the quality of a design's stitch out if you alter the design size by making it smaller or larger than the original size purchased.  Increasing a design size in the machine format your embroidery machine uses will not necessarily add necessary stitches, underlay or pull compensation adjustments.  It merely increases the physical size of the stitch-out design likely causing problems with mis-registration of the design file, improper stitch lengths, jump stitches and/or trims. 

If you decrease the size of a design it does not decrease the stitch count and you run the risks of stitches being so small they will stitch one on top of the other, needle breaks, thread breaks and/or fabric tearing. 

It is always best to contact us by email through our Contact Us page before purchasing a design should you require a size not currently listed on the website.  It would be our pleasure to provide you with a size-adjusted file to ensure your design stitches out with optimum results!

Given the digital nature of embroidery design files, requiring conversion during execution by embroidery machine software outside of the digitizing program, errors with downloads, empty or corrupted files can still occur. Magpie Designs is committed to assisting you to resolve any such problems with our design files, or answering any other questions you may have to achieve the beautiful embroidery results you envision. If you are having trouble with a design, please Contact Us with detailed information such as order number, your machine type used, file format you are using, fabric and stabilizer you are using and a detailed explanation of the problem. We will help you figure it out!

Custom Digitized Files

If a custom digitizing order is cancelled by you after your acceptance of the cost estimate provided by Magpie Designs and/or at any time during the digitizing process including test stitch-outs, all monies paid are forfeited.